Permanently delete a work item from Team Foundation Server (TFS)

It could be a headache for some people to delete a work item which was created and there is no use to it anymore. To permanently remove a work item from TFS there are a couple of options available:

1) To manually delete the row from TFS tables in SQL Server

This method requires a little bit of familiarity with TFS tables and not recommended by Microsoft. I came across several articles that suggest this workaround which is really tedious and improper.

2) Using a command

to do that simply use “ witadmin destroywi” from your visual studio command prompt running with administrative privileges. The format is as below:

witadmin destroywi /collection:CollectionURL /id:id [/noprompt]

CollectionURL is the location of the collection e.g.

id is the unique Id for the work item, you can find this Id from the team explorer portal. look at the following figure.

tfs remove workitem

The command confirm to delete the workitem once it finds it.

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