Devexpress winforms right-to-left layout support


It is clearly stated in devexpress comunity website that right-to-left layout is not supported by winforms controls, and there is no plan to include it at least in near future. (refer to discussion)


But is there a way to get around this issue and use RTL layout ?!

The answer is Yes but it requires time and effort.


According to Devexpress all  WPF devexpress controls are designed to support RTL layout, and due to the fact that WPF controls can be imported and used in Winform projects, WPF controls can be used in a class library project, then compiled to a DLL and imported into Winform projects. There are some guideline which I found on the Internet to accomplish this task. I put some of the useful links down below and I try my best to complete this task for a Gridview Control in near future and come up with a new post. The trick is to Put an ElementHost control inside a panel in Winform project. Until then here it is some useful links:

Walkthrough: Hosting a WPF Composite Control in Windows Forms

Integrating WinForms and WPF using ElementHost



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