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Step-back while debugging with IntelliTrace in Visual Studio 2017

The recent updates of Visual Studio 2017 (version 15.5 Preview) comprise with several sets of new features and improvements. Once of such great enhancement is “step-back” while debugging. Now, you can perform a step-backward and forward while debugging your code with IntelliTrace Debugging. Visual Studio takes snapshots of each breakpoint while debugging and...


Devexpress winforms right-to-left layout support

What? It is clearly stated in devexpress comunity website that right-to-left layout is not supported by winforms controls, and there is no plan to include it at least in near future. (refer to discussion) Possible? But is there a way to get around this issue...


How to convert a numeric value to string in Linq query

Sometimes there is a need to convert a numeric value to string but the method ‘toString()’ or ‘Convert.ToString ()’ does not work. It is because linq to entities does not support and not aware of these functions. The workaround in EF V4.0 is to use SqlFunctions.StringConvert Just...